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[2007/08/20 – 2007/08/29] 搖滾樂新聞摘要

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  • 08/21 11:58, 2007
    引述 :『PORCUPINE TREE will release a new EP in September called Nil Recurring.』
    迷幻搖滾樂團-Porcupine Tree將於九月發行新EP-「Nil Recurring」,並提供五分鐘sample試聽。
  • 08/21 12:10, 2007
    引述 :『he special single is ‘Revolution Begins’ (artwork pictured) and the tracklisting is: ‘Revolution Begins’ (4:11), ‘Blood On Your Hands’ (4:40), ‘Walk In The Shadows’ (3:07) [QUEENSRŸCHE Cover Version] * Non-Album Track, ‘I Am Legend / Out For Blood’ (5:36] [Live 2007] * Non-Album Track. 』
    旋律死金-Arch Enemy將發行EP-「Revolution Begins」,內容將包含新歌與一首Queensryche的cover-「Walk In The Shadow」,這是Queensryche專輯「Rage For Order」中的曲目。
  • 08/21 12:11, 2007
    引述 :『Rapid Eye Movement is due out on October 8th via InsideOut/SPV in Europe and the 10th in North America.』
    前衛金屬中極受矚目的新秀-Riverside新專輯「Rapid Eye Movement」將於今年10/08發行;這將是該團Reality Dream三部曲的最末部。
  • 08/21 12:15, 2007
    引述 :『OPETH are set to release The Roundhouse Tapes on October 22nd via Peaceville.』
    極限前衛金屬-Opeth將於今年10/22發行Live專輯「The Roundhouse Tapes」。
  • 08/21 12:33, 2007
    引述 :『GUNS N’ ROSES frontman AXL ROSE has issued the following statement in regard to his participation on SEBASTIAN BACH’s new solo CD, Angel Down: “Bas asked me to sing on his new record, Angel Down, and I agreed and came down to his studio where he played me the tracks. I really liked the title/opening track, ‘Angel Down’, but I didn’t feel that it would be right to be on that one, although, of course, it would’ve been cool because it’s a great rip-your-head-off track! 』
    槍與玫瑰(Guns N’ Roses)主唱Axl Rose將於Sebastian Bach的個人專輯中獻聲,兩位八零年代一級主唱湊在一起應該很有意思啊!
  • 08/21 21:28, 2007
    引述 :『The new album from Montreal-based Viking metallers TALAMYUS, In These Days Of Violence, is now out on Prodisk. According to a press release, “this second CD marks an important step forward in terms of sound, composition and intensity.” 』

    來自蒙特利爾的維京金屬樂團-Talamyus將發行新專輯「In These Days Of Violence」,樂團官網

  • 08/21 21:32, 2007
    引述 :『CRADLE OF FILTH recently played the fifth edition of the Stufstock Greenfest, which took place in Vama Veche, Romania, on August the 16th. The full show, filmed from the audience by a single camera, is available for viewing courtesy of at this location. It features 10 tracks and runs approximately one hour. 』
    極限歌德金屬-Cradle of Filth在Stufstock Greenfest的演出被聽眾錄下,想看的朋友請至MetalChurch.com觀賞。
  • 08/22 09:28, 2007
    引述 :『The Power Lines instructional video featuring DEEP PURPLE/DIXIE DREGHS guitarist STEVE MORSE has been released on DVD by the Alfred Publishing company.』
    吉他手-Steve Morse的教學影片「Power Lines」上線,其著名的DVD-「Deep Purple In Concert With The London Symphony Orchestra」也將重發。
  • 08/24 18:45, 2007
    引述 :『German power metallers DOMAIN have announced that Nicolaj Ruhnow is their new frontman of the band. 』
    來自德國的力量金屬-Domain宣佈新主唱-Nicolaj Ruhnow,其將參與Domain於明年發行之新專輯。
  • 08/24 18:46, 2007
    引述 :『According to Business Wire, DEEP PURPLE’s broad base of fans worldwide can now access a totally new official web site for the legendary hard rock band to get the latest news, detailed information on the band, the best VIP concert ticket packages and exclusive new merchandise at』
    重金屬元老-Deep Purple成立全新官方網站
  • 08/24 18:48, 2007
    引述 :『Dutch doomsters ANOTHER MESSIAH, who recently inked a multiple record deal with Restrain Records, have just released the video for ‘And Now I Will’, from their debut album Dark Dreams, My Child.』
    來自荷蘭的史詩毀滅金屬-Another Messiah發佈第一張專輯中的「And Now I Will」的MV。
  • 08/24 18:54, 2007
    引述 :『The artwork for San Francisco Bay Area thrash legends EXODUS’ new album, The Atrocity Exhibition… Exhibit A, has been revealed』

    鞭笞金屬-Exodus新專輯「The Atrocity Exhibition Exhibit A」封面出爐,請點此觀看

  • 08/24 22:39, 2007
    引述 :『Classic Rock Revisited recently caught up with DREAM THEATER keyboardist Jordan Rudess to discuss his new solo cover album, The Road Home.』
    鍵盤手Jordan Rudess在接受訪問時提及他個人的獨奏專輯-「The Road Home」,是回歸其靈感根源,七零年代的前衛與藝術搖滾。有興趣看整篇訪問摘要的可至上方原網頁閱讀。
  • 08/24 22:42, 2007
    引述 :『A four-minute video interview with CANDLEMASS members Leif Edling (bass) and Robert Lowe (vocals) from Finland’s Jalometalli 2007 festival (August 17-18 at Club Teatria in Oulu) is available.』
  • 08/27 19:47, 2007
    引述 :『The audio player on VISION DIVINE’s official website has been updated.』
    力量金屬樂團-Vision Divine官網的音樂播放器更新,新增Dream Theater-Another Day的cover,樂團官網。該團今年10/07將來台舉辦演唱會,令人期待啊!
  • 08/27 20:08, 2007
    引述 :『TARJA TURUNEN (ex-NIGHTWISH) has posted pictures and information about her new video, ‘I Walk Alone’ on the official My Winter Storm blog.』
    Nightwish的前主唱-Tarja Turunen在其部落格上發表有關新專輯「I Walk Alone」的消息,介紹專輯中將登場的角色,另有新影片上線,本張專輯將於今年10月發行。
  • 08/27 20:09, 2007
    引述 :『DreamPatience is a new Dashboard Widget available for Mac OS X’s Dashboard. 』
    Dream Theater發表一款Mac OS X的Widget遊戲,應該是類似接龍的遊戲,遊戲中的花色被改成Dream Theater相關的圖樣,有使用Mac的Dream Theater樂迷可以玩玩囉!
  • 08/27 20:11, 2007
    引述 :『As previously reported, reformed German progressive metallers SIEGES EVEN have finished recording, mixing and mastering their new album, Paramount.』
    前衛金屬的老團-Sieges Even新專輯「Paramount」釋出6分鐘的預覽,請至此聆聽。
  • 08/27 20:12, 2007
    引述 :『Not a lot of metal bands appear at both nightclubs and the National Press Club in Washington, but CHTHONIC will soon be doing just that here. And on September 13, the Taiwanese ensemble will hold a downtown news conference to discuss its UNlimited Taiwan campaign and its experience as the first Asian extreme metal act in the Ozzfest tour — an appropriate showcase for a band called “the BLACK SABBATH of Asia.” 』
  • 08/27 20:13, 2007
    引述 :『For the duration of their current tour, DREAM THEATER will be donating unique items for auction on eBay. 100% of the proceeds will benefit Camp Good Days. The current item up for auction is an Autographed Concert T-Shirt. 』
    Dream Theater義賣活動第二彈,這次是一件T-shirt,正面是新專輯「Systematic Chaos」的封面,背面是顆子彈與巡迴日期,樂團全員會用銀色筆在T-shirt上簽名,目前叫價是美金365元,有興趣競標者請至此下標
  • 08/27 20:14, 2007
    引述 :『As Ozzfest 2007 draws to a close, Polish extreme metal titans BEHEMOTH have undoubtedly been hailed as “this year’s breakthrough artist due primarily to their unrelenting energy, savage brutality and uncompromising vision,” according to a press release.』
  • 08/29 09:31, 2007
    引述 :『Frontiers Records will issue RICHIE KOTZEN’s Return Of The Mother Head’s Family Reunion album on October 19th in Europe. The European edition of the album (previously released in Japan on July 18th) will include an exclusive bonus track.』
    吉他手Richie Kotzen(ex-Mr.Big、ex-Poison)釋出新專輯「The Mother Head’s Family Reunion」的samples。
  • 08/29 09:32, 2007
    引述 :『I conducted a fascinating and unexpectedly candid interview with keyboard player/leader Tuomas Holopainen in which he confirmed my suspicion that ‘Bye Bye Beautiful’, from the new album Dark Passion Play, was inspired by the band’s estranged former singer Tarja Turunen – famously sacked via open letter back in 2005.』
    Nightwish的新歌「Bye Bye Beautiful」靈感來源就是該團的前主唱-Tarja Turunen,歌詞中還露骨的抱怨了Tarja,看來這場恩怨還沒落幕啊!Tarja新專輯還特地取作「I Walk Alone」呢!
  • 08/29 09:34, 2007
  • 08/29 09:36, 2007
    引述 :『Taiwanese band CHTHONIC – who will complete their stint as the first-ever Asian extreme metal act to tour with OZZFest this week – will continue their historic UNlimited tour next month, when they will perform their first headlining concerts in America. 』
    閃靈繼續在國外為台灣發聲,將在今年09/16於紐約曼哈頓舉辦「UNlimited New York」演唱會,正巧在今年聯合國會期開始(09/18)前,抗議聯合國對台灣國家主權的漠視與打壓。
  • 08/29 09:37, 2007
    引述 :『”Yes, the rumors are correct, we filmed one of the shows on our latest tour and we plan to release a DVD from that show.
    I have been on paternity leave for a few months now, an experience I encourage every Dad to try, but come September we are starting to work on bonus material, mixing etc. No release date has been set yet, as we are also in the middle of replacing band members and working on new material, but now you at least you can start waiting for real.” 』
    前衛金屬-Pain of Salvation確認將發行新的Live DVD,關於上一張「BE」的Live DVD本站有文章介紹,「Pain of Salvation – Be (Live DVD)」。


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