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[2007/08/29 – 2007/09/05] 搖滾樂新聞摘要

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  • 08/30 09:08, 2007
    引述 :『BENEATH THE MASSACRE has posted the band’s first music video – for the track ‘Society’s Disposable Son’.』
    殘暴/技術死金-Beneath The Massacre推出第一支MV,出自專輯「Mechanics of Dysfunction」的「Society’s Disposable Son」,由Kevin Custer導演。
  • 08/30 09:15, 2007
    引述 :『It is with deep sadness and regret that we inform you of the death of Hilly Kristal, who died on Tuesday, August 28th, 2007 from complications from Lung Cancer.』
    在龐克音樂史上具有重要地位的展演場地-CBGB創辦人-Hilly Kristal於08/28逝世。
  • 08/30 09:23, 2007
    引述 :『Roadrunner Records Deutshland has posted video footage of DIVINE HERESY members Dino Cazares and Tommy Cummings playing “Letter Association”』
    死亡金屬-Divine Heresy的成員演奏「Letter Association」的影片上線,該團將於今年10/05發行新專輯「Bleed The Fifth」,同時參與Operation Annihilation tour巡迴,與STATIC-X、SHADOWS FALL、3 INCHES OF BLOOD一同演出。
  • 08/30 09:29, 2007
    引述 :『Norway’s ULVER have updated their MySpace page to stream their new track, ‘Vigil’, which will be included on their upcoming Shadows Of The Sun release.』
    工業民謠-Ulver提供新專輯「Shadows Of The Sun」中的曲目「Vigil」的線上串流收聽。請至此試聽:Uliver@MySpace
  • 08/30 20:50, 2007
    引述 :『Toronto based all-female act SCARLET SINS have covered the DEPECHE MODE hit ‘Strangelove’ on their self-titled debut album, featuring a new arrangement of the song.』
    來自多倫多的全女子樂團-Scarlet Sins將發行同名首張專輯,專輯內容是cover八零年代的New Wave樂團-Depeche Mode的歌曲;這張專輯的製作人是Rich Chycki(曾與Rush、Dream Theater合作)與James LaBrie,看來會挺有趣的。
  • 08/31 09:33, 2007
    Velvet Revolver釋出新專輯「Libertad」中曲目「The Last Fight」的MV。請至此觀賞
  • 09/01 01:19, 2007
    引述 :『SHAMAN (formerly SHAAMAN), the revamped Brazilian band featuring extraordinary drummer Ricardo Confessori (ex-ANGRA) and talented singer Thiago Bianchi (who recently replaced former Shaaman and Angra vocalist Andrè Matos) have revealed the artwork for their new album, Immortal, due in November through the band’s new deal with Scarlet Records.』
    交響力量金屬Shaman,團名從Shaaman改回Shaman後,將於今年11月推出新專輯「Immortal」,封面出爐了;不過走了Andre Matos(ex-Angra),期待度大減,新主唱-Thiago Bianchi得聽過再說囉!
  • 09/01 01:28, 2007
    引述 :『Rehearsal video footage of drummer Elie Bertrand playing along with the track is now online.』
    來自多倫多的全女子搖滾團體-Scarlet Sins將推出同名首張專輯,該團鼓手Elie Bertrand釋出其排練的影片,女鼓手就是帥氣啊!
  • 09/01 09:53, 2007
    引述 :『The legendary rock band LED ZEPPELIN are planning to play a huge comeback concert at the O2 arena, the concert hall housed in the former Millennium Dome.』
    解散27年的元老級搖滾樂團-Led Zeppelin,傳出可能重組並於年底進行一場盛大的演唱會,相當令人期待的消息啊!
  • 09/01 23:23, 2007
    引述 :『Quebec born ECHOES OF ETERNITY vocalist Francine Boucher has uploaded new promo pictures on her official MySpace page.』
    歌德/前衛金屬樂團-Echoes of Eternity的美女主唱-Francine Boucher在其MySpace的官網釋出新的宣傳照,唔…真的蠻辣啊!Francine Boucher@MySpace
  • 09/02 23:26, 2007
    引述 :『Individuals who pre-order, Framing Armageddon at Newbury Comics will get a limited autographed CD booklet signed by Jon Schaffer with purchase.』
    力量/鞭笞金屬樂團-Iced Earth將於9月份推出新專輯「Framing Armageddon」;該團與Newbury Comics網站合作推出預購活動,參加者可以獲得該團吉他手-Jon Schaffer的簽名booklet。

    Iced Earth新專輯又名Something Wicked Part I,是從該團10年前另一張專輯「Something Wicked This Way Comes」中最末近20分鐘的三首曲目延伸而來,所以是一張概念專輯,描述一個科幻故事,內容是人類入侵Earth,而在此的原住民是造物主的後裔(Setians),擁有Earth上最古老的文化,同時他們也是最有智慧、最和平的種族;這麼講很籠統,或許等專輯發行後,整個故事的面貌才會明朗吧!

  • 09/04 11:42, 2007
    引述 :『n the end I found what I was looking for. I actually found a bit too much. I ended up with two vocalists and I could not make up my mind. So, we are embarking on a project that has not been done before. I will not go into detail on HOW the two vocalists will share their duties, but I can say that it will be very interesting and powerful.

    And here they are: Magali Luyten from Belgium (VIRUS IV, BEAUTIFUL SIN, AYREON) and Dan Swanö from Sweden (NIGHTINGALE, ex-EDGE OF SANITY, BLOODBATH) So, that is it from here.』

    前衛搖滾/金屬樂團-Frameshift的首腦-Henning Pauly宣佈新專輯「The God Delusion」合作的兩位主唱-Magali Luyten與Dan Swanö,前者也曾在Ayreon中獻聲,後者則是Edge Of Sanity的前主唱;在與James LaBrie、Sebastian Bach各合作一張專輯之後,這張新專輯看來也是可以期待的吶!
  • 09/05 10:07, 2007
    引述 :『According to the band, “the current item up for auction is a Full Color, Autographed Tour Book! 』
    Dream Theater做公益第三彈的商品是全員簽名的巡迴演出紀念冊;全彩印刷,大小是12″ x 12″,內容有許多照片、小漫畫,看起來是挺精美的,現在出價已經標到200美金囉!有興趣者請至此下標: Dream Theater Charity Auction Series Item #3
  • 09/05 10:24, 2007
    引述 :『Technical death metal whirlwind DECAPITATED issue a limited edition version of their dramatic Winds Of Creation debut album on October 8th, complete with bonus DVD. 』
    來自波蘭的技術死金樂團-Decapitated重新發行他們令人印象深刻的首張專輯「Winds of Creation」,除了專輯本身還有一張bonus DVD,內容是現場演出的錄影,Youtube上有preview可看。
  • 09/05 10:31, 2007
    引述 :『In advance of the upcoming THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER album, Nocturnal, Metal Blade Records has set up a special MySpace page where you have the chance to listen to two new tracks off the new album, check out pictures, videos, the tracklist and win prizes in the Nocturnal competition.』
    來自美國的旋律死金樂團-The Black Dahlia Murder為即將發行的新專輯「Nocturnal」成立MySpace page,歌迷可以在此聽到幾首新曲,看看照片與影片。Nucturnal preview@MySpace
  • 09/05 17:00, 2007
    發行許多前衛搖滾的InsideOut Music將推出新的Sub-Label,將於10/01正式上線,名為Superball Music;同時在InsideOut的MySpace Page上也釋出幾個團體(Sieges Even、Deadsoul Tribe、Flower Kings)的音樂試聽。InsideOut Label@MySpace


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